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Dyson Shepparton – A Quiet Revolution

July 20, 2021

Since 2019 the Dyson Group has welcomed and trained three special women as bus drivers based at our Shepparton (VIC) depot breaking down traditional cultural boundaries and creating career pathways for a new generation of professional bus drivers. 

In 2019 Gurpreet Kaur was looking for a career change. "I used to be an aged care worker but I wanted to do something new, something that had not been done by the woman of my community before. I took the initiative to get my bus license and the Dyson Group offered me a job. I am very proud to be the first woman in my community to become a bus driver. The job gives me independence and control over things.'' said Ms Kaur.

The flexibility of the work fits in around Gurpreet's other important roles of wife, mum, and community volunteer.  It has been such a positive experience for me that I encouraged two of my friends, Ritu and Raman to get their licences and they have also joined the company." said Ms Kaur.

"It would be unheard of for a woman to drive a heavy vehicle in India. I love that we are being trailblazers for our community. Compared to previous work I feel as though I have more respect as a bus driver." said Ritu Raj Kaur Badyal.

It is a win-win arrangement for the Dyson Group.  Roy Dyson, Regional Services Operational Manager said "These ladies have been an asset to the company, they are careful and considerate drivers and that is shown in the amount of wear and tear on the buses they drive and the passenger comfort. In particular, they have a fabulous customer service manner  with children and students who are regular users of our bus services."

"Recruitment for new drivers can be challenging in regional communities. These ladies have been instrumental in attracting new drivers of an excellent calibre and breaking down perceived barriers.  Our workforce continues to change and become even more diverse which is great for the community and our business." said Rochelle Dickason - Group Manager People, Culture & Values.