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Dear Julie. Thank you for driving us everywhere on camp. We had so much fun on the bus with you. You did great driving the bus, especially since we were so loud! You were very nice. We have crowned you best bus driver ever! From Camp 2

l'm writing this letter to express my appreciation  to your company and Peter, the bus driver of Route 513. My 6-year-old daughter, Zoe, rides Bus 513 to her violin class with her grandpa. They are always very satisfied with excellent custom services provided by the bus drivers. Last month they were in a hurry and lqt the violin in the bus. My daughter was really upset. This violin has been companying her for more than two years. We tried to comfort her but with little hope to get it back. This morning I called your company and to our surprise the violin was already in the head office.

I am writing the letter in regards to the bus operations between Lilydale/Belgrave and Blackburn/Box Hill during the Metro Trains rail shutdown. I figured that I would take the time to write this letter based on how happy I have been with my experience. As a local from Lilydale I don’t use Dysons Bus Lines unless I travel to the areas across Victoria where their local routes run.

18 Moloney Drive Wodonga VIC 3690 Australia
(02) 6056 3100
(02) 6056 1623
18-32 Osboldstone Road Wangaratta VIC 3677 Australia
(03) 5722 1843
(03) 5721 9219
889 High Street Reservoir VIC 3073 Australia
(03) 9470 1511
(03) 9471 0728
19 Graham Street Moama NSW 2731 Australia
(03) 5480 2139
(03) 5482 5085
22 Bourke Street Kyneton VIC 3444 Australia
(03) 5422 1634
(03) 5422 1063


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