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Most common questions
I had feedback however it is neither a compliment or a complaint. How do I get in touch?

You can leave your general feedback here, selecting the most relevant location to your request. In the situation that you have general feedback please feel free to direct queries to feedback@dysongroup.com.au

I can't find my route on the Public Transport page?

In the Public Transport page, whether it be Metro Services or Regional Services, you have the ability to search for your routes. There could be a chance that the suburb or town you are searching is not actually in the name of the route.

For instance, take the Route 570 Thomastown - Bundoora RMIT. It passes through Lalor, however if you were to search Lalor, this route would not show up in your search.

If you are not sure of your route name or number, be sure to use the Journey Planner on the front page and this will do the hard work for you!

There is also a chance that Dysons does not run the service you are after. Depending on whether you are in Metropolitan Melbourne, Regional Victoria, or other parts of Australia, there are different service providers: 

How do I make a suggestion for a new bus route or amendment to an existing bus route?

We suggest that you also contact the PTV Customer Service team

How do I make a complaint?

You can make a complaint here, and follow the prompts, selecting the most relevant location to your request. 

Alternatively you can call 03 9463 3999. 

Is there a difference between a major and a minor stop (a.k.a timing points)?

Yes, there is a difference.

To be on time, a bus must not leave a major timing point more than 59 seconds early or arrive more than 4 minutes 59 seconds late.

Minor stops on the other hand, are just indicative, this means the bus will arrive subject to traffic conditions. It's best to wait at the bus stop according to the previous major stop time shown on the timetable.

Do I need to hail the bus?

Yes. You should always hail the bus.This will ensure the driver knows you intend to board.

Making a booking / requesting a quote
How do I request a quote for a private transfer?

Getting a quote or making a booking is as simple as selecting within the charter bookings page whether you are a potential new customer or an existing customer.

I can't seem to request a quote and/or make a booking inquiry?

You can make a request here, selecting the most relevant location to your request. If either or both of these pages are not working for you, please don't hesitate to call 1800 686 442 or email sales@dysongroup.com.au and let them know. 

Lost Property
I have lost property on a Dysons vehicle. What do I do next?

You can report your lost property here, selecting the most relevant location to your request. If you know what depot operates the service, contact them here.If not, please email us at feedback@dysongroup.com.au or call 03 9463 3999 to report the lost property and we will be able to assist further.

Careers & Recruitment
I am looking for a job however there is none available that under job listings?

This most likely means that we are not currently hiring in the particular department you want to apply for, though we may be soon.

Please feel free to send through an employment application form explaining what you are after to careers@dysongroup.com.au.

If something comes up we will keep you in mind.

I submitted a request but I have not heard anything back?

If you have emailed or posted your resume and job application, we will have recieved it.

Please bear with us and we will get back to you within 10 working days.

If you still do not hear back, please call 03 9463 3999