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At Dysons, student transport is our specialty. We have a very long and proud association with many schools, providing transport for local school excursions, sports day transfers, camps and school shuttles. We can cater from single bus transfers to large scale movements with the added benefit of on site supervisors to ensure that your event runs smoothly. We also have wheelchair-accessible vehicles upon request.

48-57 Seat Coach

Our 48 seat & 57 seat coaches help accommodate for larger school groups. They’re high quality and at your request come equipped with seat belts for safety, air conditioning for comfort, onboard toilet, TV/DVD player, public address system & have large storage areas for baggage making them ideal for full day excursions & school camps.

45 Seat School Bus

Our 45 seat school buses are perfect for local excursions and as they don’t have all the added features, they are our best value option. These vehicles are in great condition as they are regularly serviced & maintained and coupled with our skilled drivers, they are certain to insure a great experience.

Driver Guarantee

Regardless of whether you choose one of our coaches with all the features or a standard school bus, you can guarantee that it will be one of our professional drivers behind the wheel. Friendly & approachable, safety is their number one priority, while they also encompass an outstanding knowledge of routes.


For more information please please call 1800 686 442 or request a quote now. 

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